Drink, Sip, Bang

Do aphrodisiacs really work?

We can always make our sex game better.

Believe me, it’s a lot of bored and unsatisfied people out there that need a little extra something something.

Aphrodisiacs work one or two ways…

By inducing an effect on the mind or affecting the body.

Some herbs cause a relaxing affect to the mind and when your brain is relaxed so are inhibitions (Ladies) sex is mostly mental with us.

The second way is the aphrodsiac c…

Health-Ade Kombucha Tea

You should know about this…

Kombucha is a fermented tea full of probiotics and immune boosting ingredients.

It’s made with 4 things Tea, Sugar, Water, Scoby and it is set aside to ferment for 3 to 4 weeks.

That is when it transforms into Kombucha a naturally effervescent drink thats low in caffeine and sugar and most important it contains healthy bacteria we all need in our body.

I first started drinking Kombucha a few years ago bec…

Java Vino

A place where I can get it all…

Java Vino is a super cute and comfy place that’s located in Poncey Highland

The name says it all  Wine, Tea and Coffee

Ok how dope is that ! Oh and they have tasty eats too.

I had a veggie melt with funky chips and mulled wine the staff was super friendly and gave me the run down since it was my first time there. They also have a secluded area upstairs to host events.

If your looking for a spot to …

Numi Tumeric Tea

I need to take better care of myself…

Took a trip to Sprouts for some healthy food shopping and to check out the tea and wine selection. I hit the tea isle first and there it was Numi Tumeric Tea, my eyes locked in on the bright yellow box. I got super excited about finding this stuff  because I’ve read lots of great health benefits about tumeric and drinking it as a tea.

This is what really stood out to me:

Its anti inflammatory and …

Zipang sparkling sake


Taste just like a sake Bomb…. I’m all about “Easy Drinking”, meaning that it simply tastes good. Some don’t care for sake because it has a very strong taste… pretty much it tastes like straight alcohol but I’m a fan of the sake, I love it! If you are new to drinking Sake or maybe not a fan, the next few posts will be about tasty sake’s.

We are taking baby steps suga honey’s.

So for the first sake post let me introduce you to Zipan…

Revah Pomergrant Wine

This is one of my all time favorite wines!
Revah Pomegranate wine pairs well with any food whether dinner, a dessert , a cheese plate or Doritos…what ever you fancy.

This is an Armenian wine and no grapes were used in the making. It has the right amount of sweet. On the nose you get juicy fruit gum and pomegranate of course but I also get some cranberry and strawberry and a wee bit of cardamon. on the tongue its pomegranate all day all day …

Zest Tea

I Love Tea…

I’ve been in search of a tea that would give me some energy to get through my work days, which can be mentally and physically demanding. I didn’t want to depend on coffee because it really dosen’t have any real health benefits and Im not a fan of the crash.

Although tea is “Super good for you” it does not give me that boost like coffee and energy drinks but I knew it had to be something out there.

I discoverd (Zest Tea) in …

Empty Bottles & Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling Wine

First let me say if I post a photo of an empty bottle that let’s you know I enjoyed the hell out of it and its a regular buy.
Now this yummy wine is by Pacific Rim 2014.  What caught my eyes was the cute art work on the bottle. I was standing in an aisle full of Rieslings and I didn’t know what to choose and there was no one around to help the label decided for me.

I picked a winner for sure! It has a pale yellow tone light medium body. On th…

Witches Brew

Mulled wine…ever heard of it ?

The first time I had it was in London years ago.  It is a sweet red wine loaded with spices like clove, nutmeg, cinnamon but it’s served hot.

I’ve never had hot wine before but it’s a very unique drink that’s yummy and cozy.

Now you could go on Pinterest and find a gazillion recipes and make it yourself or you can just buy a bottle of Witches Brew by Leelanau.  This wine tastes just like the one I had in …

Hecula Wine 2012

It’s the day before Thanksgiving
Don’t that sound like a start to a great holiday story… But nah I was making some collard greens for a Thanksgiving pot Luck and I decided to open a bottle of red to sip on while I cooked.

I bought this wine a few weeks ago after my volunteering gig at the Atlanta Wine School. I wanted something on the dryer side since I have been drinking a lot of sweet lately.

Hecula is a easy drinking wine from Spain i…

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