Hello, I’m Candice and I love wine and tea.

candice1Hello my name is Candice Johnson many know me as “SweetGloss”, a Pro makeup up artist and teacher. My life has lead me to explore many creative ventures along with my make-up artistry I’m also part owner of a dope magazine called KISS Magazine.

For a very long time I have enjoyed making people beautiful, but like many people we come to a crossroad in our life when we ask ourselves; “What else do I love?”. That question was answered one night as I was socializing with friend and it came to me “I really enjoy Teas and Wines!!”

Well let me back it up a bit so you can learn a little bit more about me. You see I work in a very service driven business which can sometimes, wait who am I kidding most times sucks the energy out of me, and the two main things that helped me deal with the world of retail is Tea and Wine.

I am a super tea freak!! My morning ritual is drinking tea, the act of brewing tea calms my mind. Drinking tea brings me to the present moment, plus the health benefits and boost of energy. Now when I don’t have my tea then there is Wine. It is how I relax and release all the dumb (those that are offended by cursing don’t read the next word) shit!! that happened at work, after my first glass it’s all in the past. Besides the nice buzz wine provides it is super interesting once you learn more about it.

Knowing about what your drinking totally changes the experience. So because of these things “Luvin Libation” was created.