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Do aphrodisiacs really work?

We can always make our sex game better.

Believe me, it’s a lot of bored and unsatisfied people out there that need a little extra something something.

Aphrodisiacs work one or two ways…

By inducing an effect on the mind or affecting the body.

Some herbs cause a relaxing affect to the mind and when your brain is relaxed so are inhibitions (Ladies) sex is mostly mental with us.

The second way is the aphrodsiac can increase blood circulation to your sex organs.

That’s stimulating for both men and women.

Now for the good part, below are some products I’ve personally tested and the ingredients that made the difference.

Top 5

Damiana: Herb from Mexico that has been used for centuries to increase sexual desire this one contains a chemical compound that affects the mind.

Horny goat weed: Herb from china that contains chemical compounds that increase blood flow.

Maca Root: Herb from Peru it increases energy and staying power.

Yohimbe: Herb from West Africa this one also increases blood to the sex organs also good for mood adjustment.

Guarana : Herb from the Amazon this also Increases blood flow and is great for pre workout energy.

Just like with your sex life I want you to be creative with the products I listed they are all edible and convenient. I use them in my tea, smoothies and cocktail.




Go to my IG @luvinlibation I’l be posting more about these products soon.

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