Empty Bottles & Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling Wine

First let me say if I post a photo of an empty bottle that let’s you know I enjoyed the hell out of it and its a regular buy.

Now this yummy wine is by Pacific Rim 2014.  What caught my eyes was the cute art work on the bottle. I was standing in an aisle full of Rieslings and I didn’t know what to choose and there was no one around to help the label decided for me.
I picked a winner for sure! It has a pale yellow tone light medium body. On the nose I get juicy fruits like peach and mango and the taste is actually what you smell. But it’s not super sweet its really light and just taste really good. ALC% 8’5
The cool thing about this wine company is that they specialize only in Rieslings and they have a wide variety to try even, dry versions (not sweet). If you are a Rieslings’  lover, Pacific Rim Wines are a great choice and all the bottles have really cool art work on them.
I personally love Rieslings with spicy food like Thai, BBQ and Soul.. next time your feeling like some Pad Thai. stop by your local grocery store for this, I got mine at Publix it was under 10 bucks
Go stop by and learn about Rieslings their site is pretty nice too.

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