Health-Ade Kombucha Tea

You should know about this…

Kombucha is a fermented tea full of probiotics and immune boosting ingredients.

It’s made with 4 things Tea, Sugar, Water, Scoby and it is set aside to ferment for 3 to 4 weeks.

That is when it transforms into Kombucha a naturally effervescent drink thats low in caffeine and sugar and most important it contains healthy bacteria we all need in our body.

I first started drinking Kombucha a few years ago because someone suggested it for my low energy and not being regular(pooping). I stopped drinking it at the time because the brand I found wasn’t very tasty.

I dealt with it but I couldn’t drink it in public or at work because of the strong vinegar smell. The stuff is great for you but it was super funky smelling and I could not convince my friends to drink it LOL.

Fast forward to now I’ve noticed that the market has way more options of kombucha without the smell and they taste so much better.

So first up is Health-Ade they have 9  flavors and I must say its pretty tasty, brewed in California they let us know on the website that this is a high quality drink that contains no artificial stuff.

It’s over 5 bucks a bottle I found mine at Fresh Market

I’m not mad can’t put a price on your health.

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