Revah Pomergrant Wine

This is one of my all time favorite wines!

Revah Pomegranate wine pairs well with any food whether dinner, a dessert , a cheese plate or Doritos…what ever you fancy.
This is an Armenian wine and no grapes were used in the making. It has the right amount of sweet. On the nose you get juicy fruit gum and pomegranate of course but I also get some cranberry and strawberry and a wee bit of cardamon. on the tongue its pomegranate all day all day with a kick of tart fruit.The rich ruby color is lovely swirling around in my glass.
This stuff taste amazing it has a ALC% 12.5 super mellow feels for sure.  It makes a great gift and is also a good choice as a house wine to have for entertaining because everyone will love this wine.
I got this at Publix for 10.49 try it and let me know what ya think.
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