Witches Brew

Mulled wine…ever heard of it ?
The first time I had it was in London years ago.  It is a sweet red wine loaded with spices like clove, nutmeg, cinnamon but it’s served hot.
I’ve never had hot wine before but it’s a very unique drink that’s yummy and cozy.
Now you could go on Pinterest and find a gazillion recipes and make it yourself or you can just buy a bottle of Witches Brew by Leelanau.  This wine tastes just like the one I had in London… OMG it’s good ! At any temperature really, but I do recommend warming it up in your favorite coffee mug and enjoy as a night cap or cold snuggle nights this stuff will warm your belly 12.5% ALC.
When I lived in Detroit I could just go to Kroger’s or Whole Foods and buy it but unfortunately it’s nowhere to be found here in the ATL where I live now.
Leelanau Cellars is based in Michigan and on my next trip back home I plan to visit the vineyards there but in the meantime go check out the website www.leelanaucellars.com and order a few bottles tell them I sent ya.

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