I Love Tea…

I’ve been in search of a tea that would give me some energy to get through my work days, which can be mentally and physically demanding. I didn’t want to depend on coffee because it really dosen’t have any real health benefits and Im not a fan of the crash.
Although tea is “Super good for you” it does not give me that boost like coffee and energy drinks but I knew it had to be something out there.
I discoverd (Zest Tea) in my news feed on FB and “liked” their page. Then I took a visit to their website and was really digging what I read so I ordered the sampler pack.
It came in the mail fast and it was a good amount of tea to try and a decent variety of flavors but my favorite was the Lady Blue Black tea and the Pomegranate Mojito green tea. I’m on my 4th order of tea and I am hooked on this stuff !
This is caffeinated tea with amino acids( L-Theanine) and that’s a great combo for prolonged energy and alertness. I promise you when you drink this tea not only will you feel that kick in the butt, the brain fog will disappears and your mood is totally elevated. I truly feel delightful after drinking this tea.
If you need a healthy boost of energy and mental alertness and just an overall Good feeling try this tea click the link below for a special deal and tell them I sent ya.

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