Zipang sparkling sake


Taste just like a sake Bomb…. I’m all about “Easy Drinking”, meaning that it simply tastes good. Some don’t care for sake because it has a very strong taste… pretty much it tastes like straight alcohol but I’m a fan of the sake, I love it! If you are new to drinking Sake or maybe not a fan, the next few posts will be about tasty sake’s.

We are taking baby steps suga honey’s.

So for the first sake post let me introduce you to Zipang sparkling sake. This is a lightly carbonated sake by Gekkeikan best served cold. It pairs well with anything you would have a beer with, it’s refreshing with a clean finish and the bottles pretty cool too. I mentioned sake bomb earlier… Sake bomb is a drink that combines a shot of sake dropped into a glass of beer and it’s super good… Zipang is their baby.

I enjoyed mine with some lemon pepper wings and shrimp fried rice.


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